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Scrap Cars in Bolton

When your old car is no longer roadworthy or you have determined that it is worth more as scrap than as a daily driver, there are certain steps that must be made in order to dispose of it legally. These steps are outlined according to the End of Life Vehicle Regulations that went into effect in 2003 and 2005 in the UK.

Scrap my Car Bolton

If your car is no longer able to be driven, the first step you should take is to complete and submit a form known as a Statutory Off Road Notification to the authorities. This form, known as a SORN, makes them aware that you can no longer drive the vehicle. You will no longer have to pay taxes on this vehicle. If your vehicle is drivable, you will still be taxed on the vehicle until it is sold. A SORN cannot be issued if the car can be driven.

Next, you will contact the scrap company you have selected. It is important to make sure any scrapper you use is registered as an Authorised Treatment Facility with the Environmental Agency. This ensures they will follow the proper procedures once your vehicle is in their hands.

Once at the junk yard, your vehicle will go through a process to de-pollute and dismantle it. The parts will then be repaired and resold, recycled or disposed of properly. This process begins with the electrical system of the car. The battery is removed and recycled according to strict government guidelines.

After the electrical components are removed, the de-pollution process continues with draining all of the hazardous chemicals from the vehicle. This includes fluids in the gearbox, brake system, fuel lines and radiator. Some of these fluids are recycled why others are stored safely until proper disposal can take place.

Next, the tyres are removed. They are then checked for wear and a determination is made regarding if they can be reused. Tyres with only part-wear are sold as used tyres while those that have little life left are recycled.

This is when the salvage operation truly begins. The components of the vehicle are removed one by one and each is checked to see if it works or can be repaired easily. Any parts that can be repaired are salvaged and sold as used parts. The parts that cannot be salvaged are recycled. This includes any remaining plastic or metal from the car.

Finally, the salvage company will issue you a certificate showing that your car was scrapped. This is known as a V5 certificate or a certificate of destruction. This CoD is necessary to prove that you are no longer lawfully liable to pay taxes on the vehicle, or for any other liability.

Unless you always drive a new car, chances are you will eventually need to scrap a vehicle. Understanding the process is a key to helping it go smoothly when you can no longer continue to drive your older car. For more information, on how to scrap cars in Bolton contact us today.



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