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Scrap Cars in Stockport

Scrap cars in Stockport, like junk cars in other parts of the UK, must be disposed of in very specific ways as governed by environmental protection laws passed in the last two decades. Previously, junk cars could just be towed to the local dump or landfill and left to decompose with the rest of the rubbish. They released hazardous waste into the environment, and contributed to the filling of landfills.

Each year, about 2 million cars are scrapped in the UK. These cars are known as “end of life vehicles” according to the laws, but they are usually called scrap cars, breakers and salvage vehicles. When they are scrapped in ways that are not in accordance with the regulations, they contribute to pollution and other environmental issues.

This is why the End of Life Vehicle Regulations were put into place. The first phase was introduced in 2003, with additional regulations added in 2005. These laws reduce the impact of these cars on the environment, and ensure as little of them is sent to the landfill as possible.

These laws require all junk cars to go through a process of de-pollution before they can be sent to the landfill, and for much of their materials to be recycled. De-polluting end of life vehicles prevents hazardous materials such as oil and battery acid from being released into the environment. In addition, it calls for the proper disposal of tyres and fluids. The laws regulating recycling of parts call for a minimum of 85% of a vehicle’s weight to be recycled after it is de-polluted. The regulations also require all junk yards to register as Authorised Treatment Facilities, which are overseen by the Environmental Agency. These facilities dispose of vehicles according to the laws and issue a Certificate of Destruction to the vehicle’s owner stating that it met the required regulations. .

End of Life Vehicle Regulations apply to most cars in the UK. They are written specifically for cars, trucks and other vehicles classified as M1 or N1. This includes any passenger vehicle less than 3,500kg or less than nine seats. It does not include motorbikes, vehicles over 3,500kg or passenger vehicles with more than nine seats. These vehicles can still be de-polluted and recycled, though, so scrapping with an Authorised Treatment Facility is still the recommended way to dispose of them when necessary.

Scrap my Car Stockport

Because of the nature of their business, proper UK junk yards will accept any vehicle they are equipped to de-pollute and recycle. There is no reason a car must be complete or in running order to be scrapped at an ATF. You may receive more money for a car with all of its components, but they are certainly not required. In most cases, complete cars will have an engine, body, gearbox, wheels and a battery. Newer cars with a catalytic converter also call for this component to be intact to be considered complete. For a quote on how much you will receive for your end of life vehicle, contact us today.



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