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Scrap Cars In Tameside

When you sell scrap cars in Tameside, it is the most environmentally friendly choice you can make regarding disposal of an old vehicle. When old cars were sent to the landfill in the past, they added to the overfilling of dumps and released pollutants as they decomposed. Both of these factors were of detriment to the environment, and contributed to pollution of the air, water and soil.

During modern scrapping processes, all of the components of the car are dismantled and either recycles, repaired and sold or disposed of properly. The fluids are drained safely, and disposed of properly so they will not contaminate the air, water or soil. Tyres are either recycled or otherwise disposed of through proper channels if they are too worn to be resold.

In England, the government takes environmental issues very seriously. In fact, the Environmental Agency requires all scrap yards and dealers to be registered as an Authorised Treatment Facility, commonly known as an ATF. ATFs must follow very strict rules about disposal of scrapped car parts, including recycling methods. This helps the government to protect the environment from further damage done by junk cars, as has occurred in the past.

Current regulations stipulate that junk yards in the UK must recycle at least 85% of all possible materials from scrapped cars. This will soon rise to 95%. By law, ATF junk yards are required to recycle metals and plastics that cannot be reused. All other items must either be repaired, recycled or disposed of in an environmentally-friendly fashion. Recycling components made of metal and plastic helps to reduce the need for natural resources as well as aids in keeping these materials out of the landfills.

Even if your old vehicle no longer runs, we will pay you to scrap the car. In fact, we will dispatch a tow vehicle to retrieve it from you. It’s not only junk cars that are beyond repair and need towing that can be scrapped however. Some cars have developed problems that make them uneconomical to repair, and are worth more pieced out and each component sold separately than as a whole unit meant for repair. Scrap yards can also play a role in this, because they will pay you based on the value of the individual components but accept the entire vehicle. They will then resell the pieces that they can and  recycle the rest.

Scrap my Car Tameside

How much you will be paid by a scrap yard in exchange for your old car depends on the make and model of your vehicle, and if it is missing any components. Contact us today for a quote based on your car or for more information on scrapping your vehicle.



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