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How to Scrap Your Car


It is usually a hard decision to decide to scrap your old car. You may find it hard to dispose it off in any other ways, which makes scrapping the best option. Some of the available methods for disposing off your car may end up leading to loss of money, while keeping it running may be too expensive for you. The most viable option would be to dispose it off by scrapping. This page looks at how to scrap a car that you no longer need.


What Are The Ways of Scrapping a Car in The UK?
There are various ways you can scrap a car that you do not need. These include:
• Dismantling the car at home
• Taking the car to a local scrap yard (enquire here)
• Calling the local council to pick the car and scrap it for you
These are the available choices you have. The only glitch is that the law requires you to depollute your car when you are dismantling it — with documentary evidence that you did it in a way that the environment was not affected in any way.


Depolluting Your Car
The process of depollution is long and tedious, and needs specialized equipment that you may not have in your possession. Before the tyres and other parts can be removed, electrical sources and chemicals have to be done away with. The site you pick to dispose the car of needs to have the resources that are needed to do away with the car as per the law.

At the end of the process, you need to provide proof that the environment is clean and you have a Certificate of Destruction. You also need to have a V5 logbook processed so that your car is properly de-registered.

This is a very long process that may go wrong if you handle it yourself. You need to use a responsible company that has the manpower and legal requirements to handle scrap vehicles. The company brings several benefits on board. These benefits include:


Stress Free Disposal
When you give a scrap car dealer the permission to handle your car, you will eliminate the stress that comes with DIY disposal. The law has put strict regulations on disposal of scrap vehicles which means you have to follow the rules before your car is deregistered. Trust a professional to do it for you, albeit at a reasonable cost.


Safe Disposal
One thing that many car owners forget is that some of the car parts may be harmful to the environment if disposed of in a careless way. A professional scrap car dealer has put environmentally friendly methods that have been approved by an environmental agency. This means that your car shall be disposed of in a safe way.



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